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Completed a list of '80s Black and White comic books. It's a good research project, and fun to look at!

Participant 2011!It's another year for NaNoWriMo, but I've not had much time for writing. Looking for work, editing short stories, and submitting took a lot of my time. And then there was 24 Hour Comics Day, which I am still working on! Grr!

Don't forget to help The 1 Second Film get completed and shown around the world.

The 1 Second Film

Oy! Sometime, on a cold day in January 2010, my laptop decided to die, but it did not go alone. Along with it went a folder with the most important files inside. And in my lack of fortitude, I did not back up my updates, so all was lost. My will to rebuild is low, so it might take a while to see any updated pages here. :(

UPDATE! I'm working on the site now. Hm, joy? Some of the links here will not work until I fix all the code. It's the move that caused this, I swear!

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